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About Us


CHM  Objectives:


The Congo Hindu Mandal (CHM) is an umbrella organisation representing the interest of all Hindus living in D.R. of Congo, irrespective of their caste or country of origin. The following are some of the objectives of HCA:

To articulate issues that concern Hindus at the local, state and national levels in D.R. of CONGO.

To negotiate with the government at all levels or other organisations/associations in matters related to Hindu culture and religion.

To organise functions, festivals etc promoting Hindu culture and religion to foster cooperation among participating organisations.

To act as a non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit organisation to promote legitimate social, cultural, educational and religious needs of Hindus in D.R. of CONGO.

To support the establishment of any charitable institution for the benefit of Hindus and the overall community.

To function as an information source for schools, general community concerning Hindu philosophy, culture and religion.

To print and publish books, leaflets etc to promote the activities of the Hindu Mandal.

To arrange seminars, conventions, conferences etc to promote better understanding of Hindu culture and religion.

Represent the Hindu community at official functions such as the Congo Day celebrations.


CHM  Operations:


Why we need Congo Hindu Mandal in D.R. of Congo?

A central organisation is needed to represent all Hindu associations, temples, missions and other interested groups in dealing with  state and local governments. This will provide all associations greater strength and enable effective action in all matters relating to any unjustifiable or inappropriate treatment by the authorities.

All other religious groups have such Councils to represent their religious groups’ interests.

Similar councils have been established and operating effectively in the U.S.A, AFRICA, U.K. and elsewhere.




The Council will not interfere in the internal affairs of member associations.

Each Province will have a sub-branch of the Council. Delegates from each State shall be nominated by the local associations to represent the State.

The Central body will coordinate the activities of all its State branches, which will be represented in the overall national body.


CHM Memberships:


The Hindu Council membership is open only to Hindu members residing in D.R. of Congo. The major field or activity or function of the member or organisation should be spiritual, cultural or religious and predominantly related to the Sanatan Dharma – the eternal sustaining values of life including Vedic philosophy, doctrines of Karma and re-incarnation.

CHM Member – is an approved individual person or organisation or Company, who has been admitted to the membership of the Congo Hindu Mandal . Ordinary member shall have full rights and privileges attaching to the membership of the Council, including the right to have representative to attend and vote at meetings, to have representatives become a member.

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