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Maharashtrian Community

There are around 50 Maharashtrians in Kinshasa. There are around 10-12 Maharashtrian families. They are mainly engaged in service sector. Some of them possess technical qualifications, some are professionals and most of them are graduates from well-known universities in Maharashtra.

They come together on certain occasions for celebrating Maharshtrian festivals, organise music-dance programs or get togethres. They also enthusiastically participate in cultural programs organised by Cono Hindu mandal.Every year Mahrashtrians celebrate Ganesh Festival in big way and all other communities too join and enjoy Genesh festival.

Maharashtra is a state in west-central India. It is one of the richest states of India. Its capital is Mumbai, the economic capital of India, and Maharashtra is the second most populous state in India. Only eleven countries of the world have a population greater than Maharashtra.

Marathi linguistic group, who form the majority ethnic group in the Maharashtra state are having communities and groups located out of Maharashtra popularly referred to as Brihan Maharashtra.

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