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North IndianCommunity

Rajasthan: one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, for both domestic and international tourists. Rajasthan attracts tourists for its historical forts, palaces, art and culture. Every third foreign tourist visiting India also travels to Rajasthan as it is part of the Golden Triangle for tourists visiting India.

Endowed with natural beauty and a great history, Rajasthan has a flourishing tourism industry. The palaces of Jaipur, lakes of Udaipur, and desert forts of Jodhpur, Bikaner & Jaisalmer are among the most preferred destinations of many tourists, Indian and foreign. Tourism accounts for eight percent of the state’s domestic product. Many old and neglected palaces and forts have been converted into heritage hotels.

Folk Dance: The culture of Rajasthan is just incomplete without its exclusive folk dances. Every corner of Rajasthan displays its own form of dance. It is an extraordinary experience to be a part of the desert dance, an exposition of calmness of the desert evening. One can view the art and culture of Rajasthan in the rhythmic dance found in almost limitless variations in Rajasthan.

Rajasthani Music: Rajasthan Music adds more symphonies to the art & culture of Rajasthan. There is abundance and diversity in Rajasthan music, which is rich, heroic, melancholic and joyful, and governs all aspects of Rajasthani lives. The music of Rajasthan is compelling and intoxicating.

The Kalbeliyas are gypsies from the desert near Jaisalmer who are known for their Music, Dance and Snake charmer’s skills. One branch of the kalbeliyas is believed to have wondered westward over the centuries and mingled with the gypsies of Europe. There is a startling resemblance’s significantly between the dance and music of Spain and those of Kalbeliyas.

Food: Each region in India has its own traditional dishes and specialities. Rajasthan also has its own variation of tastes and flavours. Rajasthani cuisine is a splendid array of colourful, spicy and unique dishes. The Rajasthani latter is a gastronomic delight and it is a part of today’s urban Indian culture to indulge in Rajasthani food festivals. Its main dishes are:

• Dal Bati Churma

• Pickles and papads

• Delicious dishes

• Sweets : Halwas and Chakkis, dal ka halwas, Jalebi Rajasthan is legendary, Malpuas of Pushkar, Dil Jani of Udaipur, Mishri Mawa and Son Halwa of Ajmer have claimed the hearts of international tourists. Firni, Ghewars, Mawa sweets.

A language spoken in Rajasthan is: Marwari, Local language, Hindi & others.

Kinshasa North Indian community (Rajasthan):

At Kinshasa we have more than 100+ Rajasthanis (Includes bachelors and families) who are engaged in Services (Jobs), owned businesses and other activities.

Festivals of Rajasthan are many, whereas we celebrate at Kinshasa are:

• Gangaur Festival

• Teej Festival

• Diwali

• Holi


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